• Hotel / Restaurant

    Many difficult-to-clean surface materials in various combinations, odd cleaning times and cramped spaces are a problem in the industry. Our solutions provide complete cleaning and care on all surfaces, at all hours of the day.

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  • Swimming pool / Spa

    Highest requirements for fresh premises and non-slip surfaces, as well as great need for flexible and user-friendly products. Our solutions are used daily to clean hundreds of swimming pools and spas around the Nordic region.

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  • Cleaning company

    Cleaning companies Products that work in all contexts can be difficult to find, usually a large machine park is required to perform the jobs. Our solutions are at the forefront and provide better profitability and results.

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  • Office environment

    Hard-to-clean and fragile textiles, many workplaces in cramped spaces and demands for a good working environment are challenges in an office. Our solutions are versatile, gentle and really clean, even during office hours.

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  • Sports facility

    Large variety of floor surfaces together with high hygiene requirements, cramped spaces and a large flow of people is a challenge. Our solutions can be easily adapted as needed, while at the same time cleaning and deep cleaning.

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  • School / Preschool

    Narrow areas with many people, tight cleaning schedules and the highest demands on the environment and health make cleaning difficult. Our solutions provide fast and efficient cleaning and reach the far end in the quest for a sustainable and non-toxic school.

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  • Care

    Highest hygiene requirements and the risk of bacterial spread complicate cleaning in healthcare. Our solutions disinfect and clean the surfaces in an environmentally friendly way, without strong chemicals.

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  • Bus / Train / Flight

    Cleaning public transport should be extremely quick and easy, without compromising on quality in a tight schedule. Our solutions simplify and streamline cleaning, which provides great time savings.

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