Bus / train / flight

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facilitate work and save precious time

Many surfaces exposed to daily soiling combined with a tight cleaning schedule to save time. Cleaning efficiently, easily and gently is extremely important in the transport sector. Our products facilitate work on all levels when cleaning buses, trains, planes and other means of transport.

Effective without post-drying

Internal cleaning of windows, bars and handles that face daily heavy soiling can be time consuming. With UltraH2O, you effectively dissolve the dirt completely without chemicals, at the same time as the need for post-drying disappears completely as residual moisture without chemicals does not leave any stains.

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Machine clean even under seats

Narrow spaces under seats and in hallways usually require manual methods of cleaning? Not any more. With i-mop, you now quickly and easily clean all spaces and save precious time in a busy schedule.

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Achieve a sustainable result

Cleaning really clean in the transport sector can require strong chemicals, something that wears on people, surfaces and the environment. With UltraH2O you achieve better results than with traditional methods, while you get a sustainable result for both your business and the environment.

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Automated cleaning 24/7

Odd cleaning schedules and many people on the go make cleaning in the transport sector more difficult. With Adlatus, you get a fully automated cleaning that adapts to obstacles and movements, so you can focus on other things.

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Products that make a difference

Sticky chewing gum and difficult-to-clean spaces are problems in the transport sector. Under i-range you will find battery-powered aids such as back vacuum cleaners, compact scrubbers and chewing gum removers. Smart solutions that streamline cleaning and really make a difference.

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Time to develop the cleaning?

We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!