Sports facility

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Solutions for all needs

Large floor areas and cramped spaces, at a sports facility several different types of cleaning are required, while lodges, changing rooms, toilets and restaurants must maintain an extra high level of cleaning to provide pleasant environments for both practitioners and the public. Our solutions are easily adapted as needed and thoroughly cleaned.

Clean cramped and open spaces

The innovation i-mop is a cleaning machine with the unique possibility for quick and easy cleaning of small and cramped spaces, as well as large and open areas. Finally, you can use the same machine in both the stands and the arena.

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From the lodges to the arena floor

A sports arena has many different types of floor surfaces.
The Orbot multi-cleaning machine effectively cleans and cares for all surfaces, from the arena floor itself, to the toilets 'tiles and the lodges' exclusive textiles. Extend the durability of the floors and give the audience a clean environment to cheer on their favorite team.

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A clean and non-toxic sports arena

With a large influx of spectators, all the arena's handles, tables and other surfaces quickly become dirty and stale. With UltraH2O, you get a chemical-free cleaning, a sustainable result and a cleaner environment for both the active and the public to stay in.

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For particularly tough training

Hard-to-clean rubber floors, sticky handball glue and other tough challenges can pose problems when cleaning. With an Orbot on standby, the job will be easy and the result better than ever.

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Conjure away all the chewing gum

Trampled chewing gum and other sticky dirt can sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. With a unique and completely harmless enzyme solution, innovative i-gum easily conjures away the problems!

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