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Efficient cleaning during office hours

Trendy materials and exclusive furniture characterize many modern offices, something that can be both difficult and time-consuming to keep clean. With our solutions, you get full flexibility while you can clean really well, even during ongoing operations.

Gentle on exclusive textiles

Fine rugs require care to stay fresh and give a good impression. With multifunctional Orbot, you deeply and easily clean all types of textiles, while extending the life of your investment.

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Non-toxic workplace

A clean and nice workplace is required for people to enjoy their work. With UltraH2O you can easily clean all surfaces of the office, completely without the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals. Invest in people and the environment.

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Clean the office landscape

With many desks and chairs, it is difficult to access to clean with traditional machines. Flexible i-mop enables mechanical cleaning of tight surfaces, without you having to move around the interior.

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Do not interfere with work in progress

Most often, cleaning must be adapted to working hours. With quiet Orbot, cleaning and floor care are made possible XNUMX hours a day, without disturbing either customers or employees.

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No chemicals, no bacteria

When extra effort is required in an office landscape or coffee room, Tersano's ozone water is the obvious choice. With disinfectant properties, environmentally friendly Tersano puts a stop to bacteria and stubborn cold viruses.

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Time to develop the cleaning?

We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!