School / preschool

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Better cleaning for the environment and health

Raise the cleaning result to a higher level and give the children a clean and healthy everyday life to develop in, all the way from preschool to school. With our solutions, you streamline cleaning, while creating a non-toxic and allergy-free environment that protects people and nature.

Spotless even under the school desk

Now you can machine clean even on narrower surfaces such as under school desks, tables and other spaces where you were previously only able to clean with manual methods. Save time and get away from the heavy work, with innovative i-mop.

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A non-toxic environment to develop in

Give our children and young people a clean and healthy environment to stay and develop in. With UltraH2O, you clean and clean completely without chemicals, while reducing the risk of allergies and contact with harmful substances.

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When it has to go fast

Narrow spaces shared by many children and young people can be tough to keep up with with a lot of movement. With Rekola on standby, you always have the most efficient manual cleaning system close at hand.

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Stop fast preschool bacteria

Keep an eye on the exposed toilets and stop the spread of the fast preschool bacteria with Tersano, the environmentally friendly ozone water that disinfects both surfaces and toys without chemicals.

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Conjure away all the chewing gum

Trampled chewing gum and other sticky dirt can sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. With a unique and completely harmless enzyme solution, innovative i-gum easily conjures away the problems!

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Time to develop the cleaning?

We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!