Cleaning company

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Flexible solutions for increased profitability

For a cleaning company, one day is rarely the same as the other. The assignments are varied and finding flexible products that work in many different contexts can be difficult. With our solutions, you avoid large machine parks, improve cleaning results and increase profitability. With us behind you, your business is always at the forefront.

Offer chemical-free cleaning

Create strong competitive advantages with UltraH2O. By offering the highest cleaning quality without toxic chemicals, you contribute to strengthening your customers' sustainability work, while at the same time achieving your own environmental goals.

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En machine for cleaning and care

With our quiet multi-cleaning machine, you clean and care for all floor types, even during ongoing operations if needed. Orbot provides full flexibility and replaces the need for a large machine park.

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Simplify daily cleaning

Finally, you can machine clean all floor surfaces in a fast and smooth way, with ergonomic i-mop. The machine is easily moved between different cleaning objects, which means that you save both time and money.

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Get more out of manual cleaning

Take the manual cleaning to the next level. Rekola Reflex is designed to maximize and simplify the concept of manual cleaning. Increased ergonomics, economy and cleaning are some of all the benefits of Rekola Reflex.

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Let the cleaning robot do the work

With Adlatus in the toolbox, your company can perform automated cleaning at any time of the day, as well as save staff the monotonous cleaning that large areas entail.

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A greener disinfectant

The ozone water from Tersano has bactericidal properties, but does not contain toxic chemicals. The perfect tool for companies with a green profile that protects both people and the environment.

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Innovative tools for professionals

Under the i-range you will find a wide range of well-made and well-thought-out cleaning products. Created to meet the toughest requirements and simplify all types of cleaning.

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Time to develop the cleaning?

We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!