Reach the highest hygiene standards without toxic chemicals

Broken legs, snotty noses and vulnerable people with weakened immune systems. In an environment where the risk of spreading infection is high, it is a matter of course to maintain the highest standard of cleaning. With shiny floors and environmentally friendly disinfected surfaces, you create bacteria- and chemical-free rooms with both people and the environment in mind.

Environmentally friendly disinfection

Stronger than chlorine, but as gentle as regular water. Disinfect surfaces and instruments with ozone water from Tersano, in order to stop the bacteria in a fast and environmentally friendly way.

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Flexible machine cleaning everywhere

You no longer need to move around on all chairs, beds and utensils, with i-mop you quickly clean both open and cramped surfaces. Both time-saving and ergonomic.

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Stainless to stainless

Stainless steel carts, cabinets and other equipment are extra difficult to keep clean. With chemical-free UltraH2O, you clean and fresh while creating a dirt-repellent surface unattractive to new dirt.

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Maximize the manual methods

With Reflex 'unique design, mopping becomes easier and more efficient. You use 200% of the cloth's surface for cleaning, which saves time and washing costs, resources you can instead spend on care and nursing.

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Let the cleaning robot go around

The hospital's long corridors are time consuming and monotonous to clean. Leave the tedious work to Adlatus and get a cleaner cleaning with a reduced bacterial spread in critical departments.

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Time to develop the cleaning?

We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!