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We challenge you to turn around old perceptions and think in new directions, while at the same time we make cleaning easier, more fun and more efficient with world-class cleaning products.

OrboTech Sweden is a Norrland family company that together with the sister companies Inolife, i-team Sweden and Johan's Cleaning Machines has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Over the years, we have accumulated a unique amount of experience and knowledge, an expertise we would like to share with you. We see an exciting opportunity to be involved in challenging and developing an industry that is facing new trials, where the demands on the janitors are increasing, while the view of cleaning needs to change. We are passionate about people, innovation and sustainability and convey unique cleaning concepts to the entire Nordic region. That our brands are leaders in their respective areas is something we are incomparably proud of.

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We make your cleaning easier, more fun and more efficient, while at the same time aiming for a sustainable future. Talking about cleaning should be exciting and edifying - together we can challenge old perceptions and make a difference!

Would you like to have a coffee? Our OrboTech Centers with showrooms and offices are located in Sundsvall, Gävle, Stockholm, Jönköping and Malmö.

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"It is above all the customers' response that drives us. OrboTech should not be a company that follows everyone else. We see a challenge and an excitement in making a difference, together with our customers we go our own way!"Mats Johansson, CEO, OrboTech Sweden

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We are here with and for you all the way. Together, we challenge old perceptions and established routines, and create a cleaning that is sustainable both now and in the future!