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We hand-pick our products and can thus guarantee a professional cleaning machine and cleaning product that is at the very top in terms of technology, function and durability. Each individual cleaning machine and cleaning product stands firmly on its own two feet, but the real magic happens when they are used together as a whole in the cleaning and cleaning process. The way our products complement each other is unique in the cleaning industry and is guaranteed to change the way you look at cleaning.

  • Cleaning products, Cleaning machines, Orbot, Floor care machineAvoid expensive and inefficient cleaning systems. Orbot is the most versatile floor care machine on the market. With a wide range of accessories, Orbot can be used to clean, scrub, sand and polish any textile or floor type. With Orbot, you get a complete floor care machine that meets all needs.

    Orbot floor care machine

  • Cleaning products, Cleaning machines, i-mop, mopImagine being able to machine clean all floor spaces. With our i-mop scrubber dryer you can do it. The flexible head appears under tables, counters, sinks and other cramped spaces where ordinary cleaning machines do not have a chance. Make cleaning more fun and efficient with i-mop. i-mop scrubber dryer
  • Disinfection, Dispenser, Disinfection dispenserDid you know that 80% of the world's bacteria and viruses are spread by hand? With Sanitise Now you get a smart dispenser that automatically releases the right amount of disinfectant when hands are placed in front of the sensor. Keep customers and employees safe with the market's most flexible hand disinfection system. Sanitize Now hand disinfection
  • Cleaning products, chemical free, cleaning, ultrah2oThe cleaning of the future can be found in our cleaning product UltraH2O by OrboTech. Now you can clean more efficiently than before and opt out of unnecessary cleaning agents, chemicals and toxins. With the help of the ultra-clean water, you not only clean cleaner, you also help to contribute to a sustainable environment. UltraH2O ultra-pure water
  • Hand wash, Wash hands, MixinThe highest standard of hygiene with the least consumption of the world's resources, Smixin is the hand wash that changes everything. With 90% lower water consumption and 60% lower soap and paper consumption, the smart hand wash provides a cost-effective 3-in-1 solution to place where it is needed most. Smixin hand wash
  • Cleaning products, mop, rekola reflexA system created to simplify the manual cleaning methods. Achieve a better cleaning result than before, but more efficiently and with less equipment and less strain on the body. Rekola Reflex is the alternative to traditional mop systems, when the requirements for hygiene, economy and the environment are in focus. Rekola Reflex mop & cleaning system
  • Cleaning products, ozone cleaning, disinfectantsWhen the requirements for hygiene and cleaning are at their highest and bactericidal properties are required, then Tersano's ozone-purified water is the obvious choice. Disinfect surfaces and tools without hazardous chemicals, while protecting people and the environment with the harmless ozone water.

    Tersano ozone water

  • Expand the workforce with an intelligent delivery and serving robot, which becomes a natural part of the team and enhances the feeling of your service. Keenbot becomes the extended arm that frees up precious time, relieves heavy work and opens up endless possibilities!

    Keenbot serving robots

  • cleaning machines, cleaning products, i-rangeIn the same innovative and revolutionary spirit as i-mop, i-team is now launching several products under the i-range line. Here you will find everything from powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners and flexible cleaning machines, to innovative chewing gum removers. Everyone with the innovative feeling we recognize from i-mop.

    i-range cleaning machines

  • cleaning machines, cleaning products, i-rangeThe Whiz robot vacuum cleaner is the new employee in the cleaning force and vacuums quickly and easily both soft and hard floors, completely without supervision. Let Whiz do the hard work for you and have time for more important and more qualified tasks.

    Whiz robot vacuum cleaner

  • cleaning machines, cleaning products, i-rangeWith smart functions, the latest technology and award-winning design, Gausium robots are ranked as the best and most innovative cleaning robots in the world. They turn cleaning upside down and take the concept of autonomous cleaning to completely new heights!

    Gausium cleaning robots

  • cleaning education, cleaning, education, orbotech academyWe have all the cleaning training you can imagine, take individual courses or tailor unique training packages that suit you and your needs. In addition to being easily accessible and containing the latest knowledge, our educations are permeated by a strong environmental thinking.

    Academy cleaning courses

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