A cleaning education invests in the future

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Grow and develop with us

Attending a cleaning training is an investment for the future and an important step in raising the standard, both in cleaning but also in the industry as a whole. In addition, in-depth knowledge has become a strong means for the individual and the company to excel in the competition. We have all the cleaning training you can imagine, take individual courses or tailor unique training packages that suit you and your needs. In addition to being easily accessible and containing the latest knowledge, every cleaning education is permeated by a strong environmental thinking. Our experience and our knowledge is something we want to share with you, together with us you have the opportunity to grow.


Advantages of cleaning training via OrboTech Academy

  • All cleaning courses under one roof.
  • Personal and easily accessible training.
  • Tailor cleaning training as needed.
  • Opportunity for education in your area.
  • Our own OrboTech Centers are specially adapted for cleaning training.
Cleaning education, OrboTech Academy

Cleaning training for everyone

We want it to be simple and easily accessible to educate oneself. Therefore, we have gathered all training linked to cleaning and housekeeping under one roof.


A green thread

Environment and sustainability are important to us and all our educations have a strong environmental profile where we give you all the tools you need to clean greener. Together we can make a difference.


Combine theory and practice

Sitting down and listening for several hours straight is not for everyone. We therefore mix interesting theory with exciting practice, for a more fun education that is easier to absorb.


Cleaning education that moves

OrboTech Academy's courses are available at all our OrboTech Centers around the country. Of course we will also come out to you and train on site if you prefer.


SRY Vocational Certificate, Base & Validation

Cleaning is important and the work places ever higher demands on the cleaning staff. There are new guidelines all the time and with our SRY educations you can feel safe to meet the many challenges of everyday work.

SRY Vocational certificate is the education for you who want to deepen your knowledge in cleaning. You may have several years of experience and want to get this down to a professional certificate then this education is both right for you. SRY Bas is aimed at those who are new to the profession and want to learn the basics of cleaning. The content of the education is similar to SRY Vocational Certificate, but is more simply packaged and not as in-depth. SRY Validation is for you who want to know where you stand and check what level of knowledge you are at.

If you have questions or want to request a quote, call our trainer Ingemar 070-760 44 39 so he tells more!

Education Number of days Difficulty level 1-3
Vocational certificate 5 2
Bottoms 5 1
Validation 5 1
Home care service 5 2

Let's develop together, book a cleaning training course via OrboTech Academy!

We are passionate about education and driven by seeing people develop and grow in their professional roles. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or want to book a cleaning course!