Cleaning robots for automated cleaning

Autonomous cleaning

World-leading cleaning robots for autonomous cleaning

Let us present the world's most advanced, but at the same time most user-friendly, cleaning robots. With smart functions, the latest technology and award-winning design, Gausium robots are ranked as the best and most innovative cleaning robots in the world. They turn cleaning upside down and take the concept of autonomous cleaning to completely new heights!

Award-winning cleaning robot, Autonomous cleaning
  • Industry-leading navigation

    Unlimited mapping and dynamic localization
    3D Perception with AI
    Flexible road planning
    Smooth motion control

  • Smart cloud platform

    OTA updates
    Remote maintenance
    Open API & Cloud Services

  • User friendly app

    Map editing
    Remote control
    Real-time monitoring

  • Completely unmanned

    Docking stations
    IoT integration

The cleaning robot Fantasy is an all-in-one robot for everyone.

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The scrubber robot Scrubber 50 Pro suitable for all surfaces.

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The scrubber robot Scrubber 75 is perfect for tougher jobs.

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The sweeper robot Sweeper 111 is sturdy for coarser dirt.

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The vacuum cleaner robot Vacuum 40 fits the smaller objects.

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    Autonomous cleaning in your industry

    Our cleaning robots are used in several types of facilities and are appreciated by customers from a variety of industries. With autonomous cleaning via OrboTech Robotics, together we lift your business into the future!

    • Hotel & Restaurant
    • Store
    • Office
    • School
    • Hospital
    • Transport
    • Garage
    • Warehouse & Logistics

    Autonomous cleaning at hotels & restaurants

    Long corridors, large open spaces and a mix of hard and soft floors can make cleaning time-consuming, but with automated cleaning, you free up time for other things.

    Contact us for more references within your industry.

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