Innovative scrubber dryers that move the boundaries

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Clean surfaces no other combi scrubber can be accessed

Imagine being able to use a scrubber dryer on both large and small floor spaces and avoid manual mop systems. The i-mop innovations are accessible under tables, counters, sinks and other cramped spaces where traditional scrubber dryers do not have a chance. Make cleaning more fun, faster and more efficient by totally moving the boundaries with i-mop.

Our models

The award-winning innovation

Unique design combines the flexibility of a manual cleaning mop, with the efficiency of a full-size combi scrubber. Clean where no one else can access and save valuable time, with award-winning innovation in-mop.


A flexible scrubber dryer

Low weight makes the i-mop easy to lift on stairs, while transport wheels facilitate movement. It fits in a regular vehicle, while it can easily be placed in a cleaning scrubber. Our innovative combi scrubber offers full flexibility with the best results.


Battery-powered freedom

The powerful i-power batteries that power the i-mop and i-range can be easily shared and used between several machines. Just click in the newly charged batteries and continue cleaning without interruption. This is what we call battery-powered freedom!


The sustainable choice for the environment

Ergonomic driving pleasure and extremely low water consumption without the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals, make the i-mop combi scrubber machine the sustainable alternative for both humans and the environment.


Access to clean water is not a matter of course!

About one in ten people suffer from a lack of clean drinking water, which is the second leading cause of infant mortality in the world. Made Blue is an organization that works to help vulnerable people gain access to drinking water. For every liter of water you consume in your i-mop, i-Team contributes a sum of money to the organization Made Blue, which in turn manages that sum to the corresponding liter of clean drinking water in the third world. This applies regardless of which i-mop scrubber dryer you use. So all of you out there who clean with i-mop are involved and make the world a little better, liter by liter, simply because you clean with an i-mop.

Find your perfect i-mop

XXL Pro XL Pro Pro XL Plus XL Basic Lite Pro A bit basic
Antibacterial tank X X X X X X
Battery protection X X X X - -
Control Panel X X X X - -
Splash guard X X X X - -
Floater X X X X - -
Automatic level switch X X X X - -
Hour display - - X - - -
Anti-rust coating X X - - X
Drive support X X X - X X
Parking support X X X - X X
Integrated drive/parking support - - - - X X
i-balance X X - - - -
Brushless motor X X - - X -
Easy Lift kit X X - - X -
i-link & mobile holder X X - - X -
New i-power 9 pro & 14 pro X X - - - -
Easy Click suction strips, splash guard & suction foot wheels X X - - X -

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i-mop PRO

New features 2023

i-mop the original

The innovative combi scrubber

i-mop lite

Smooth i-mop little

Technical specifications

XXL Pro XL Pro / Plus / Basic Lite Pro / Basic
Size (L x W x H) 47 x 64,5 x 120 cm 44 x 47,5 x 120 cm 43 x 34 x 120 cm
Weight without / with batteries 21 / kg 24 18,5 / kg 21,5 11,5 / 13,2 kg
Working width 62 cm 46 cm 37 cm
Cleaning capacity 1200-1800 m² / h 1000-1300 m² / h 700-1000 m² / h
Clean / dirty water tank 5/8 liters 4/6 liters 3/4 liters
Speed 350 rpm 350 rpm 500 rpm
Brush pressure 32 kg 22,5 kg 13 kg
Power source 2 i-power 20 batteries 2 i-power 9 alt. 14 batteries i-power 12
Driving time 60 -70 minutes 60-70 min / 60-70 min / 90-100 min 45 min
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floor types

With an i-mop combi scrubber, you can clean all types of hard floors, quickly and flexibly, even in corners that a traditional combi scrubber cannot access.

  • Plastic & linoleum
  • Wood
  • Natural stone
  • Tiles & joints
  • Rubber

Combination scrubber for plastic & linoleum

Scrub and wash plastic and linoleum quickly and easily with an i-mop. With different brushes and discs, you can quickly adapt your combi scrubber to your needs.

Contact us for more references within your industry.

  • Combi scrubber plastic & linoleum

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