Innovative cleaning machines for better cleaning

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innovative cleaning machines and products from i-team

In the same innovative and revolutionary spirit as i-mop, i-team is now launching several cleaning machines and products under the i-range range. Here you will find everything from powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners and flexible small cleaning machines, to innovative chewing gum removers and much more. Everyone with that innovative feeling we recognize from i-mop.

A little further down this page, we have hand-picked some products we want to highlight a little extra, but feel free to get in touch and we will tell you more.


    Cleaning machines & products

    • Single scrubbers
    • Battery-powered vacuum cleaners
    • Combi scrubbers
    • Cordless vacuum cleaners
    • Chewing gum remover
    • Window / facade washing products
    • Brush roller vacuum cleaner
    • Cleaning carts
    • Accessories etc.
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    Cleaning machines

    Cleaning machines

    No more sticky chewing gum under the shoes
    Quick, easy and reliable removal of chewing gum. Upon contact, the machine emits a pH neutral and safe enzyme vapor that quickly dissolves the chewing gum.


    Cleaning machines

    Small can do a lot
    With i-scrub 21B, you clean small and cramped surfaces quickly and efficiently. With a head that is flexible in 360 degrees and which is also removable, the i-scrub 21B is a cleaning machine with many possibilities.


    Automatic cleaning machine

    Combine large and small surfaces effectively
    With the smart combi-scrubber i-drive, you can easily take your i-mop Lite with you, so that you can efficiently jump on and off the combi-scrubber to clean both large and small surfaces in parallel.


    Cleaning machines

    The machine that loves large surfaces
    The same unique design, equally high flexibility, but in a larger size that does the job even faster. When it's time to tackle the bigger challenges, you save both time and money with i-mop XXL.


    Cleaning machines

    Cordless cleaning with high performance
    A really powerful vacuum cleaner that is not tied to an electrical outlet. i-vac 9B opens up for freer cleaning and guarantees a longer running time than other battery-powered vacuum cleaners.


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    The single scrubbers under the i-scrub range are available in two different variants, i-scrub 21B and i-scrub 30EM. Below you can download brochures to read more about each machine or visit the OrboTech Shop for more info and place orders.

    Brochure i-scrub 21B

    Order i-scrub 21B

    Brochure i-scrub 30EM

    Brochure i-scrub 30EM Pro B

    Order i-scrub 30EM Pro B

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