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Smart serving robot at your service

Expand the workforce with an intelligent delivery and serving robot, which becomes a natural part of the team and enhances the feeling of your service. Our delivery and serving robots are the extended arm that frees up precious time, relieves heavy work and opens up endless possibilities, with exciting new ways to serve and deliver really anything - only imagination sets the limits!


The serving robot does the job

Let the robots serve dishes to the tables and help with room service or other repetitive tasks, so that the staff can focus even more on the customer and their experience.


Smart technology with measurable results

Our intelligent and intuitive navigation technology enables flexible and safe use, while the measurable data helps to improve the service pattern.


Nothing stops a smart serving robot

Even in messy and crowded premises where many people move, the cleaning robot navigates safely and avoids collisions.


The co-bot that is always available

A serving robot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reduces both staff workload and business costs.


Make the robot part of the experience

Let the serving robot become a natural part of your business and create a completely new customer experience with autonomous serving and delivery.


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Keenbot T5

Serving robot Keenbot T5

Keenbot T8

Serving robot Keenbot T8

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Keenbot W3 x M Social
Keenbot T5 Keenbot T8 Keenbot W3
Product type Medium serving robot Small serving robot Lockable serving robot
Size (W x L x H) 506 x 502 x 1205 mm 384 x 468 x 1123 mm 450 550 x x 1080mm
Weight 55 kg 38 kg 48 kg
Number of trays/compartment 4 trays 3 trays 4 lockable compartments
Capacity 40 kg (10 kg/tray) 20 kg (10 kg bottom tray, 5 kg other) 20 kg (5 kg/tray)
battery life 12-15 h 8-15 h 9-12 h
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With an intelligent and user-friendly serving robot in the business, you free up valuable time and relieve the staff, while at the same time strengthening the customers' experience of your high level of service. We have robots for all types of business.

  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Events
  • Hospital & Care
  • Service

Serving robot in hotels & restaurants

Guests expect hotels to keep up with the latest technology that enhances their experiences and makes their stay more enjoyable. Why not let the robot serve food to the tables in the restaurant or offer drinks and snacks in the lounge?

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