Rekola is the cleaning system that simplifies the cleaning process

Rekola Reflex & Rekola Motion

Ergonomic mop systems and flexible cleaning trolleys in Scandinavian design. Rekola takes manual methods to new heights with the concepts Rekola Reflex and Rekola Motion. Read more on the product pages below.

  • Cleaning products, Cleaning machines, Orbot, Floor care machineRekola Reflex is a mop system created to simplify the manual cleaning methods. Now you can achieve a better cleaning result than before, more efficiently and with less strain on the body. Reflex is the alternative to traditional mops, when the requirements for hygiene, economy and environment are in focus.

    Rekola Reflex

  • Cleaning products, Cleaning machines, i-mop, mopRekola Exercise is the core of the working day that holds everything you need for an efficient and sustainable cleaning process. With Scandinavian design, the highest quality and care down to the smallest detail, Rekola takes further steps towards sustainable manual methods and launches the cleaning trolleys that change everything.

    Rekola Exercise