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Innovative mop provides more efficient cleaning

Rekola Reflex is a mop system created to simplify the manual cleaning methods. Now you can achieve a better cleaning result than before, more efficiently and with less strain on the body. Reflex is the alternative to traditional mops, when the requirements for hygiene, economy and environment are in focus! Continue down to read more about the Reflex system. If you then want to take a deep dive and learn everything, we recommend a visit to

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Rekola mop & cleaning system

  • More efficient mop with unique design
  • Ergonomically designed for less strain
  • Lighter tablecloths with reduced volume
  • Keep track of the stuff with different color codes
  • No Velcro, increased durability & hygiene
  • Tablecloths & accessories for all conditions
  • Multifunctional, rubber scraper & mop in one
  • Reduces the amount of laundry
  • Nordic Ecolabelled tablecloths
  • Customizable cleaning trolleys that complement your mop
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Maximize cleaning

The innovative design means that you only clean with the part of the cloth that is closest to the dirt. With a simple lift, you then move your mop and use the untouched surface of the cloth.


7x more efficient microfiber

Unique design enables the use of a more efficient type of microfiber cloth, which is lighter and 7 times finer than ordinary microfiber. Finer fibers, cleaner floors.


Mop with ergonomics in focus

The design of the rubber scraper means that you do not have to put unnecessary pressure on your mop when cleaning, while the adjustable handle provides optimal ergonomic posture.


The complete cleaning system

With cleaning trolleys specifically designed for your Rekola Reflex mop, efficiency is further increased. The trolleys are adaptable to suit all conditions.

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A mop that gives minimal environmental impact

With a mop that provides maximum use of the cloths, where every centimeter is used for cleaning, efficiency increases significantly. With Rekola you clean faster than before, but with fewer tablecloths, less water and less detergent. This of course means fewer dirty cloths, significantly lower costs for cleaning, washing and handling, but also a significantly lower consumption of energy and water. Good for both the environment and the wallet, that is why Rekola Reflex is a Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning system.

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Rekola Reflex Instructional Videos


Prepare the mops

How to prepare the mops

Install the mop cloth

How to assemble the mop cloth

Adjust the shaft

How to adjust & hold the shaft

Reposition the canvas

How to reposition the mop

Clean stains

How to remove stains

Clean moldings

How to clean moldings

Clean stairs

How to clean stairs

Clean walls

How to clean walls

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Folded stand 100 g
Weight cloth 70 g

Documents and manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that gives you guidance.


With Rekola Reflex mop and cleaning system, you clean all types of hard surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. The cleaning is done quickly and efficiently with reduced stress on both body and environment.

  • Horizontal surfaces
  • Vertical surfaces

Mop for horizontal surfaces

With its unique design, Rekola Reflex provides a much cleaner and more efficient cleaning result. With Rekola, you clean all types of hard floors and the large selection of different types of microfiber cloths means that you can adapt the cloth to the surface. In this way, the best results are achieved with the least effort.

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