A pure matter of course with available hand washing

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Non-contact hand washing reduces the spread of infection

The highest standard of hygiene with the least consumption of the world's resources, Smixin's automatic hand wash changes everything. With 90% lower water consumption and 60% lower soap and paper consumption, the smart hand wash provides a cost-effective 3-in-1 solution to place where it is needed most. Join the revolution towards the future, where hand washing is an obvious part of everyday life to reduce the spread of infection.


Benefits of Smixin

  • Can be placed both inside and outside the toilet
  • Automatic hand washing without touch
  • Reduces costs for water, soap and paper
  • Easy-to-understand reports provide an overview
  • Patented and innovative technology
  • Reduces the spread of infection
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Screen communicates with the user
  • Publish and display your own content on the screen
  • Appreciated by staff, visitors and guests

Flexible placement provides accessible hand washing

Smixin can be placed both inside and outside the toilets to give customers and visitors the opportunity to wash their hands anywhere, anytime.


Highest level of hygiene without touch

The patented mixer effectively combines water with air and soap for a hand wash completely without touch. The tests show that 12-15 seconds with Smixin gives a higher level of hygiene than 60 seconds of traditional hand washing in accordance with WHO guidelines.


Cost effective with smart technology

The hand washing station is smart and connected. Adjust the device, retrieve user data, or upload videos that can be displayed on the screen completely wirelessly.


Stop the spread of infection with good hand hygiene

80% of the world's infectious diseases are spread between hands. Washing your hands often and maintaining good hand hygiene is therefore the most important measure to reduce the spread of infection.


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Facts Smixin Combi Floor Standing

Sizes 1322 mm (H) x 384 mm (W) x 389 mm (D)
Weight 23 kg
Water source Connected to water pipe
Power source Power cable 230 V
Dispenser Non-contact infrared sensor
Tvål ProCare or CherryCare, 1500 ml / 3000 washes
Screen 10 "touch screen
Storage SD card
Purchasing Wi-Fi

Documents and manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that gives you guidance.

Areas of use

Washing your hands has never been more obvious. Before entering a store, when you arrive at the fast food chain, before entering a meeting. Smixin is a natural part of everyday life.

  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Store
  • Office
  • School & Preschool
  • Hospital
  • Transport

Touch-free hand washing at hotels & restaurants

Reduce the spread of infection on the premises, while at the same time giving visitors the service of being able to wash their hands without having to go to the toilet before eating.

Contact us for more references within your industry.

  • McDonalds hand wash station

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