Disinfection that defeats viruses but is kind to the environment

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Defeat viruses & bacteria with Tersano ozone water

Perform disinfection and defeat viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms with environmentally friendly Tersano. Ozone water is more efficient than chlorine, but just as gentle as ordinary tap water so that you can disinfect all types of surfaces and objects in a simple, safe and cost-effective way, completely without environmentally hazardous chemicals.

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Defeat viruses & bacteria

The disinfecting ozone water with virus and bactericidal properties is tested and documented effective against viruses such as corona, hepatitis, influenza and measles.


Environmentally friendly disinfection

More efficient than chlorine, but as gentle as tap water. Tersano is completely harmless to both humans and the environment, disinfecting with ozone water and saving on the planet.


Disinfection without transport

Reduce the use and transportation of plastics, while saving time by cutting back on the handling of several different chemicals. With Tersano, you get an effective all-in-one solution that both cleans and disinfects. In addition, ozone water works everywhere!


Ozone water in portable format

The technology behind Tersano's ozone water, but in a portable format that fits in your hand. Flexible iClean Mini gives you active ozone water for disinfection no matter where you are.


Disinfection with ozone water, how does it work?

Tersano has been tested, certified and acclaimed by organizations around the world. The mentioned ozone water is very easy to produce. The filter is connected to the incoming water line, filtered and mixed in the dispenser with small amounts of ozone. In addition, a disinfectant will be ready to be used on all types of surfaces.

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Dispense SAO
Sizes 57 x 72 x 25 cm
Weight 14,5 kg
Flow Up to 11,5 liters / min
Disinfecting effect Up to 24 hours
Cleaning effect Up to 6 d
Filter life 3000 l
iClean Pro
Sizes 10 x 8 x 27 cm
Weight 364 g
tank 350ml
Use 40 tanks
Charging 1 hours

Documents and manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that gives you guidance.

Environments & equipment

Disinfection with Tersano ozone water can be performed in many different environments and contexts. Clean, disinfect and clean all types of surfaces and equipment with one and the same product.

  • Care
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet & Shower
  • Textile
  • Equipment

Disinfection in healthcare

Environments in health care have high hygiene requirements. With Tersano, you effectively disinfect and clean all types of surfaces, without using harmful toxins and chemicals.

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  • Environmentally friendly disinfection

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