Water for a chemical-free cleaning and sustainable environment

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Clean ultra-clean completely without chemicals

The cleaning of the future can be found in the UltraH cleaning concept2O by OrboTech. Clean smarter than before and eliminate unnecessary cleaning agents, chemicals and toxins in the cleaning process. With the help of ultrapure water, you not only clean cleaner, reduce re-soiling and create a better working environment for cleaners, you also help to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Benefits of UltraH2O

  • Non-toxic, no harsh chemicals
  • Reduced environmental impact, own production
  • Improved work environment
  • Harmless, does not damage respiratory tract or skin
  • Reduced soiling
  • Leaves no spots & dots when drying
  • Gentle on all surfaces & substrates
  • Simplified cleaning processes & routines
  • Strengthened credibility in your sustainability work
Chemical-free cleaning

Cleaner in a double sense

Chemical-free cleaning is not only better for the environment, it also provides a cleaner cleaning result completely without toxic chemical residues and without leaving any residue behind.


Ultra-clean water creates improved economy

 UltraH2O is produced from ordinary tap water locally, which means that costs for cleaning agents and transport are reduced and the cleaning economy is improved.


Non-toxic indoor environment for everyone

Chemical-free cleaning creates a non-toxic indoor environment, good both for the people who perform the work and for those who stay on the premises.


Chemical-free gives less re-soiling

When UltraH2No fumes are left as with ordinary water or with traditional cleaners, the surface is therefore not soiled again as easily and does not need to be cleaned as often.


Chemical-free cleaning, how does it work?

UltraH2The O-system is connected to incoming cold water, the water is deionized and filtered from its natural salts and minerals. The filtration takes place immediately and an ultra-pure water comes out that seeks, dissolves and absorbs dirt to restore its normal balance.

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Material ext. Fiberglass-reinforced Polypropylene
Material inv. Food approved Polyethylene
pH value Neutral - pH 7
Certificate Meets NSF 44
Filter mass Resin granules
Measure tube 20 x 20 x 92 cm
Working pressure 10,5 bar
Maximum pressure 42 bar
My. storage temp. + 1 ° C

Documents and manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that gives you guidance.

surface material

With UltraH20 you clean all types of surfaces with shiny results. Simple and completely without irritating chemicals.

  • Glass
  • Stainless
  • Tables & benches
  • Painted surfaces

Chemical-free cleaning on glass

UltraH2O is excellent for chemical-free cleaning of glass and requires no post-drying, which means that working hours can in many cases be halved. Because the product is completely free of unnecessary chemicals, you avoid revealing dots and coatings that can occur after other polishes.

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  • Chemical-free cleaning

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