The robot vacuum cleaner Whiz is the new employee in the cleaning force

Powerful robot vacuum cleaner

Powerful robotic vacuum cleaner for professional use

Whiz is the new employee in the cleaning force, a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that quickly and easily vacuums both soft and hard floors without you having to be in place. Let a robotic vacuum cleaner for professional use do the hard work, so that you have more time for more important and qualified tasks.


Advantages of Whiz powerful robotic vacuum cleaners

  • Powerful robot vacuum cleaner for professionals
  • User-friendly with simple menus
  • Automatic vacuuming, takes care of itself
  • Functional rent with All inclusive
  • The janitor's best friend and extension
  • Free up time for more important tasks
  • Sweeps and vacuums deeply
  • Misses no surfaces, does not re-vacuum surfaces
  • No investment cost
Powerful robot vacuum cleaner

Co-bot gives time to other things

With a professional robot vacuum cleaner by your side, the work is done twice as fast. Focus on more important and more qualified tasks while Whiz takes the monotonous vacuuming.


Powerful robot vacuum cleaner ready to start

Show the robot vacuum cleaner route once, then just press a button to start the program. Automatic notices and intuitive reports are visible both on the Whiz touch screen and in your personal viewfinder.


Measurable results show the effect

Did you know that with manual vacuuming, an average of 48% of the surface is missed, while 46% of the surface is vacuumed twice? With Whiz you streamline cleaning, the powerful robotic vacuum cleaner vacuums 98% of the floor area without unnecessary repetition.


Flexible design that fits everywhere

From complex office space to large airports with many people on the move, Whiz works everywhere and automatically senses obstacles along the way. In Whiz you get a powerful robot vacuum cleaner you can always count on!


Functional rent with all inclusive

Avoid thinking about investment costs and repairs, with Whiz you pay a fixed monthly cost where everything is included. The technology is automatically saved in the cloud and quickly loaded into a new robotic vacuum cleaner in the event of an accident.


Whiz movie gallery


Whiz Vacuum cleaner robot

Let's introduce Whiz

Customer case Pullman

Whiz X Pullman Hotels and Resorts


Size machine 455 mm x 474 mm x 653 mm
Size of brush roller 355 mm
Battery Lithium ion 23.7 Ah, 25.2V
battery life 3 hours per charge
Capacity vacuum cleaner bag 4.0 l paper bag
Noise level 62 dB in normal mode
Folded machine 30 kg
Weight battery 5 kg
Cleaning capacity 465 m² - 557 m²/ hour
Top speed 1.8 km/h
HEPA filter Ja
Navigation program Brain Olympics

Documents and manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that gives you guidance.

AREAS OF USE for a Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner in the cleaning power, you get time for other things. Whiz is the robotic vacuum cleaner for professional use that is optimized for world-class floor care, regardless of business.

  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Store
  • Office
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Airport & Train Station

Powerful robot vacuum cleaner for hotels & restaurants

Long corridors, large open areas and a mix of hard and soft floors make vacuuming time-consuming. With the robotic vacuum cleaner Whiz, the monotonous vacuuming is automated and gives time for other things.

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