Flexible financing

Our financial solutions are as flexible as ours. All businesses have different needs and conditions. We therefore offer several different options for financing or tailor a solution that suits you.

We have several different options for financing. The function agreements are our most common and advantageous form of financing, but we also offer direct purchase, rental or leasing of cleaning machines and cleaning products. Feel free to get in touch to find your perfect solution.

Always unbeatable service

Regardless of financing, we offer first-class service should the accident occur.

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Function agreement
Get our products or machines through one of our three function agreements. For a fixed monthly cost, you not only get your product, but also a security package where we are responsible for, for example, repairs, spare parts or a loan machine for longer downtime. With these packages, we want to create a clear foundation for you who value worry-free machine ownership.

Bottoms More Premium
Delivery & Installation
Technical Support
Repair incl. working hours
Travel time & Travel allowance
High priority when repairing
Spare parts
Supplementary education
Highest priority when repairing
Extended warranty
Movement of machine
Picking up a broken machine
Loan machine for repair
Restoration of returned machine

The exceptions to the function agreement are:
* Cleaning and things called during daily care.
* Damage caused by improper handling and obvious negligence.
* Brushes, pads and wear strips.

Tailor-made leases suit you who need a machine or product for a limited period. Rent a cleaning machine in the short or long term, we offer rentals that extend over one day, one month and 48 months. Contact us for a solution that suits you.

Buying a machine or product is the option for you who are in need of a permanent solution. For a lump sum, you get full ownership and take control of your cleaning machine or cleaning product.

Simplify your investment with a cost-effective form of financing where no cash contribution is needed and the leasing fee itself is booked as an operating expense. We collaborate with Ikano-Finans and together we help you find a suitable solution.

More information?
Contact our sales manager Anton Johansson for more information about tailor-made solutions.

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