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Automatiserad städning

Together we make a difference

New technology creates new challenges. On this page you will find videos that will help you in your daily work, you can also chat directly with our robot experts or submit a service ticket to our authorized robot technicians. We are here for you, together we make a difference!

Video instructions

Here you can find guidance on how to use and maintain your robot.


Start Phantas

Starting the robot / location screening

Select program

How to select the program



Trouble shooting

Having problem with your robot? Please look into the videos below.


We make advanced technology simple

Our robot experts are here for you both before, during and after implementation.


How do I use and take care of my robot?
Please look at the videos above and download our maintenance guide.

Unable to turn on the robot?
– Check if the plug is inserted into the battery connector
– Check if the battery capacity is too low
– Charge 30 mins and try again.

Unable to perform Auto Cleaning?
– Check if Emergency Stop is pressed.
– Check if Manual Mode is activated.
– Check if the sensors are veiled by dusts or spots.
– Check if the task has been selected.
– Check if positioning status is normal (green).

Machine starts and stops by itself?
Please create a service ticket below and we will help you.


Here you can download manuals or other documentation that will give you guidance.

Problem with your robot? We are here for you!

Just fill out the form to create a service ticket and we'll help you.

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