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For top of the line Bolon floor care

Sign is the number one tool for caring for you designed Bolon flooring. On this site you can read more about Sign and learn how to get the most out of your machine. Our "How To" guide will take you step by step and make you a floor caring pro!


Key features & benefits

  • Smal, light & flexible
  • Low water consumption
  • Ergonomic & easy to use
  • Easy to switch accessories & pads
  • Unike orbital movement, extracts any dirt
  • Very easy to transport and store
  • Fits all kind of pads
  • Low sound level, equals flexible cleaning
  • Leaves almost no moisture

How to Sign your Bolon floor

A quick guide on how to clean your Bolon floor, with Sign.

1, First time use?
Fully charge the battery.

2, Insert battery

3, Push release button
to remove hose.

4, Remove tank and fill.
Reinsert tank and hose.

5, Pull latch and fold down
support wheels.

6, Lean Sign backward,
put pad in front.

7, Lean Sign forward,
fit pad.

8, Pull latch
to loosen body.

9, On/off (left) and spray (right) buttons. Start cleaning.

10, OK    • High friction    • Battery level

11, After use, put body in
upright position.

12, Lean Sign backward
and remove pad.

13, Remove battery
by pressing latch.

14, Charge battery
when not in use.



Run time 45 min, at normal work load
Charge time 90 min
Tank 2.9 l
Weight 11.8 kg (19 kg fully equipped)
Driver plate 10.5 inch / 27 cm
Motor 36V, DC
Li-Ion Battery 36V / 40W / 6 Ah
Warranty 2 years

Documents & Manuals

Here you can download manuals or other documentation that will give you guidance.

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